Help Us Work

Much work has been done, and much more is still required. This is a formal request for support for the remaining functions of the Faithful Word application by the Faithful Word App team. Not all our donations have to be in the form of the US Dollar, because many of our donations already have come from the time of dedicated individuals.
All of our team works as volunteers. Our coders, our readers, and our editors. Why? Because we believe in this work. Someday this small team will be an army of coders creating apps for each of the best churches in the world. They will be an army of readers, making New Testament Audio for every faithful Bible available. They will be an army of audio editors assisting in the production and publication of each individual audio Bible, and plan of Salvation. There are so many opportunities for you, the reader, and we simply ask that if God stirs up your heart that you would contact us and assist us in these efforts. For those of you who do not fall into these categories, there will always be need of funding for general maintenance of the application, various supplies, and free things to give away.
You can help us reach the world with the gospel, hard preaching, and faithful Bibles. Can You speak a foreign language? Contact us. If You can code, contact us. Do You have a heart to help us cover the costs of the application? Donate as you are able and willing.

To God be the glory,

The Faithful Word App Team